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Blogging For Fashion

The built-in blog is an often overlooked feature on Shopify. Poor blogs. But we understand. Either the reasons for blogging are unclear or the task of creating fresh content seems too daunting.

What does blogging have to do with selling? Think of it like this: a blog is like the display window of a brick and mortar shop. A blog arranges the elements of your business to make them come alive for your visitor, enticing them to “come in.” An active and well-curated blog provides a palpable pulse of who you are and what you do. And it places your products in a deeper context of significance for your customer, allowing them to shimmer.

A tried-and-true tool, blogs are useful for timely updates, content marketing, creating discussion, and connecting with others. And Shopify blogs are a powerful, built-in feature for every shop owner. Coming up with a blogging strategy for your business can help you foster a relationship with customers and help make you an authority in your industry.

Happy blogging!

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